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We recognize that life's pace can make it challenging to maintain your vehicle's pristine look. At RejuvenAuto Detail, we've got the solution with a range of maintenance plans tailored to meet all your detailing requirements.

Maintenace Plan Contract 

Maintenance services are strictly "use it or lose it." In the event of missing a Biweekly or Monthly maintenance appointment, refunds will not be granted, and services cannot be carried over to subsequent periods. The competitive pricing of our maintenance plans is made possible by the regularity of scheduled services, which optimizes service efficiency. Failure to adhere to the maintenance schedule may result in a deteriorated vehicle condition, thereby extending the duration of subsequent detailing sessions. All Maintenance Plan contracts are exclusively applicable during the mobile detailing season. During the winter season, services will be limited to drop-off appointments at our designated shop location if you choose to continue Should you wish to restart maintenance services in the spring, the selected maintenance plan will require repurchasing. Each maintenance plan is tailored to a single vehicle and cannot be transferred to another vehicle at any given time. Please note that refunds will not be issued for any unused services under the Maintenance Plan.

Why it is recommended to opt for RejuvenAuto Full Detail Maintenance Program?  Preservation of Appearance: Thorough detailing maintains the pristine appearance of the vehicle, upholding its original allure. Protection of Paint: Application of protective coatings shields the paint from potential damage, ensuring longevity and minimizing fading caused by environmental factors. Enhanced Resale Value: A well-detailed car maintains higher resale value, as it showcases meticulous care and attention to its condition. Optimized Driving Experience: A clean and sanitized interior enhances driving pleasure and comfort, contributing to a pleasant journey. Extended Material Lifespan: Regular detailing prevents premature wear and aging of interior materials such as leather, preserving their quality. Contaminant Removal and Issue Identification: Thorough detailing eradicates harmful contaminants and helps identify underlying issues before they escalate. Professional Expertise: Utilizing the skills of professional detailers guarantees meticulous results, catering to every intricate detail of the vehicle's appearance.

Full Detail
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